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Why I became a Massage Therapist

Why I became a Massage Therapist

From college straight into corporate America, I was blessed with the opportunity to work as a Junior Accountant in the Oil & Gas industry from 1988 - 1995. I was thankful for my job but I wasn't really satisfied with the 60-80 hour workloads, the corporate glass ceilings and the stress. I started to experience unspeakable headaches, body aches and muscular spasms that I attributed to 3 car accidents all in 1994. In 1995, a chiropractor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia (a complex chronic pain disorder) but because of my strong faith and my belief "not to live in a box or let others label me", I looked that doctor in the eyes and told him I didn't recieve that diagnosis. Living with the pain for another 7 years, I decided at the end of 2000 to leave my job, take a year off to relax, enjoy time with my family and get control of my health.

In 2002, I started getting regular massages every month and I was amazed at the difference I felt. After my year-long break from full-time employment, I realized I had no desire to return to corporate America. In January 2003, I sought God for a new direction and went back to school to study massage therapy. I wasn't sure what I would do next but after the loss of my husband to a long-term illness and my mom to breast cancer(2003 & 2004 respectively), I felt a strong passion to campaign to others to do more to reduce stress from their lives, improve their health and live longer. In August 2005, I became a licensed massage therapist and self-appointed wellness advocate.

I am a compassionate healer & therapist with a broad base of knowledge & wisdom. Through my remarkable intuitive ability I am able to tune right into the problem areas and give personalized treatment and healing suggestions to the client. I deeply care about others and I realized I was put here on earth to serve others. I later learned that God's favor, anointing and purpose was upon me to increase and prosper in this field and not in climbing the corporate ladder. What a joy I experience to wake up and do something that makes a difference in others' lives. I bless others with information, therapeutic treatments and share an opportunity and products that will definitely give relief all around. I'm doing what I was purposed to do as a healer, therapist, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. I am very passionate about helping people feel better, live longer, get out of pain and even more importantly, get their time back. After suffering so long with pain myself, I thank God every day for my health and well-being. I spend equal time speaking at churches, health fairs, and any open-floor forum to share my story, how to create wealth through home-based entrepreneurship and health & wellness.

Other Highlights

  • Graduated magna cum laude from Smiley High School, diploma 1985
  • University of Houston, pursued BBA in Accounting 1985-1989
  • Health Masters School of Massage, Massage Certification, 2003
  • American Heart Association CPR certification, 2009

Professional Highlights

  • Served as a policy council boardmember with Head Start which oversaw and managed a multimillion dollar budget and implemented policies for the betterment of the agency and the children it served.
  • Served as the first team of Massage Therapists at The Houston Rodeo and Livestock,
  • Received recognition by Who's Who of Massage Therapists
  • Received recognition by Service Cooperative Associations for best business introduction
  • Houston Outcall Massage served recently at:
  • Alpha Phi Alpha Convention, 2011
  • Zeta Chi Convention, 2011
  • Sisters Network Inc- 2nd Annual to Stop Silence -Breast Cancer Walk, 2011

Personal Biography

I'm a native of Houston. Presently single. Mother of 2 young adult sons and 1 grandson. I love and fear The Most High and am a born-again believer. I enjoy spending time with young children, reading, public speaking, attending self-improvement/empowerment seminars and traveling.

I am a wellness advocate and E-online Retailer for products that improve your quality of health. Through much research, there is great evidence that many health conditions CAN be corrected or even eliminated by changing one diet to a natural diet with more Fruits, Vegetables and certain supplements. I strongly recommend adding both LIMU and EVOLV WATER to your daily diet for optimal health, greater energy, pain management, anti-inflammation and fighting free radicals.

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